The 4 Best Turret Press for the Money

A turret press sits in between the single press, and progressive press.

That means if you want to elevate your reloading skills from beginner to advanced level, a turret press will come in handy.

With that said, finding the best turret press is crucial to get the best reloading experience.

Out of several brands and models, it’s a bit overwhelming for anyone to choose the best fit for you.

I understand the pain, and that’s the exact reason why I am writing this article.

In this article, I’m going to give you the 4 best turret presses reviews with all the upsides and downsides of each of the items.

I’m sure this guide will help to separate the wheat from the chaff in a quick time.

Let’s begin.

4 Best Turret Presses – Detailed Review

1. LEE PRECISION Classic Turret Press Kit Review

LEE PRECISION Classic Turret Press Kit Review

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  • All levels of reloaders will find it convenient to use this turret press.
  • The latest 2019 edition of the reloading manual comes with the kit.
  • Lee auto-disk riser is included in the kit.
  • It’s pretty consistent, accurate, and reliable.
  • This turret press is easy to use, and you will get so many tutorials to learn things elaborately.
  • An auto-index system is implemented to reduce your workload and time.
  • It features an ambidextrous lever handle that works smoothly and provides ample leverage.
  • People found this press works perfectly even after reloading thousands of rounds.
  • Lee provides excellent customer service.
  • The price is quite affordable for what it offers.
  • LEE needs to concentrate on improving the primer disk quality.
  • No built-in primer catcher.
  • It’s not the fastest of all turret presses out there.


The best part of this Lee classic turret press is it’s offering a quality reloading solution for every level of reloaders at a relatively low price.

That’s why I vote for this unit as the best turret press from several other options.

It’s fast enough, though not the fastest of all.

You have to buy the accurate shell holders, and reloading dies specific to the cartridge you are going to reload.

However, this kit includes the following tools –

  • A classic turret press.
  • Chamfer tool.
  • Lube kit.
  • Powder scale.
  • A reloading manual.
  • Powder measure riser.
  • Primer pocket cleaning tool.
  • Cutter and lock stud.
  • Powder measure.
  • Safety prime.

More importantly, you have the liberty to choose from 1,2,3,4 or 5 packs to suit your needs.

If you are a frequent ammo user and want to save money in buying new cartridges every time, then go for this cost-effective turret press. You won’t regret it.

As a whole, this turret press is the go-to go solution for anyone who is about to enter the reloading world. It doesn’t hurt your pocket, and you will be able to learn using it in a quick time.

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2. LEE Cast Aluminum 4-Holes Turret Press Reviews

LEE Cast Aluminum 4-Holes Turret Press Reviews

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  • It offers a better wooden grip to hold the handle with more control.
  • The handle can be set for both left-handed and right-handed reloaders.
  • This press features an auto-indexing mechanism to expedite the proceedings.
  • It’s compact and effortless to set up.
  • Operating this turret press is as easy as pie.
  • The built-in primer catcher of this press is quite useful, I must admit.
  • It allows up to 4” cases.
  • This turret press has something to offer for both beginner and intermediate reloaders.
  • Simply by removing the indexing rod, you can turn this press into a single-stage reloading press.
  • It’s reasonably priced.
  • It requires some small tweaking to work efficiently.


The overall construction of this turret press from LEE is something worth mentioning.

As this press has 4 holes, you can use each individual hole for performing different tasks like the first hole could be for sizing die, the second station could be used for the power system, the third station could be the bullet seater, the fourth station could be for factory crimp die.

This model offers more clearance between the shell holder and the bottom of the turret than the previous classic turret press from LEE Precision. This allows you to reload longer cartridges with ease.

Nonetheless, you have to remove the auto-indexing feature to get more significant clearance.

Changing the turret for different cartridges is a breeze here.

Considering the versatility of the unit, the price is quite reasonable to me. It’s LEE’s one of the latest products too.

As this is not progressive, so, don’t expect the same amount of finished cartridges per hour. However, it performs what a turret press is supposed to perform quite well.

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3. Lyman All American 8 Turret Press Review

Lyman All American 8 Turret Press Review

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  • Easy setup process.
  • The handle can be set up for both left and right-handed persons.
  • It has 8 holes turret that makes it highly efficient.
  • The straight line primer is in place with large and small primer tubes.
  • Rotating dies is a breeze with this turret press. Kudos to the handy rotating handle.
  • It completes rounds with consistency.
  • The overall construction of this turret press is entirely satisfiable with a durable powder coat finish.
  • This press is equally useful for reloading both pistol and rifle ammo.
  • The primer feed is protected by a heavy steel shield to provide you extra safety.
  • You will find the rear support handy regarding consistent bullet seating and bushing bump.
  • It’s cost-effective, and you have the option to choose from different packs.
  • The priming system of this unit is questionable.
  • You might find it slightly overweight for your likings.
  • No auto-indexing feature.


As this USA made cast iron frame Turret Press from Lyman offers 8 holes turret, so you can easily use it to hold two complete 4 dies set or four complete 2 dies sets. This is such a feature to steal the show and make its way to my best turret presses list.

You can complete a 45 ACP reloading session just by indexing through the station with the convenient rotating handle.

If you see the ram pin coming out during the operation, the lock screw on the bottom of the ram will save you in this regard.

You can use any reloading dies based on your cartridge, and even the RCBS uniflow powder measure will go with this press. The spent primer catcher is quite useful, I must admit.

On the whole, this one is a large unit that is durable at the same time. More importantly, you don’t have to break your bank to afford this turret press.

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4. Redding Reloading – T-7 Turret Press Review

Redding Reloading - T-7 Turret Press Review

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  • A well-built unit to last long.
  • It features 7 holes that can be indexed effortlessly with the indexing handle.
  • You can change the indexing handle direction as per your needs.
  • The turret head is easily interchangeable.
  • It takes all the standard shell holders.
  • This unit features a powerful compound linkage and a positive ram stop.
  • Rotating the shell holders is a cakewalk with this unit.
  • Easy to mount and doesn’t take too much to get used to it.
  • Any standard 7/8″-14 threaded dies go with this unit.
  • The price is higher than what it offers.
  • Weighs more than usual.
  • Not a convenient press for left-handed reloaders.


Although this turret press from Redding is a pretty old model, still it’s as effective as before.

The cast iron heavy-duty construction makes it usable for an extended period.

The turret head can be rotated with or without a handle. Of course, you will want to use a handle for your convenience.

It’s a pretty off the shelf unit that you can use right off the bat.

Except for the price, and the nature of supporting only the right-handers, it has all the ability to impress any reloader.

Except for the price, and the nature of supporting only the right-handers, it has all the ability to impress any reloader.

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The Basics of Turret Press – Turret Press Vs. Single

Out of the three types of reloading presses of Turret press is in between the single press and the progressive press.

A turret press is faster than a single-stage press but slower than a progressive press.

The core difference between a turret press and a single-stage press is in the case of a turret press, you can use multiple dies at a time. On the other hand, using a single-stage, you can use reloading die one at a time.

A turret press has a turret head with multiple holes. The number of holes can be any number from 3 to 8.

Most of the excellent turret presses feature auto-indexing, where you can quickly turn off this feature too and do the rotating of turret head manually.

Best Turret Presses – Buying Guide

Overall Construction

The body of the press needs to be made from high-quality material. It needs to last long, and none of the parts should be flimsy or brittle. It’s vital.

If the body is made from aluminum, cast iron, or steel, then it’s good to go. The bolts need to be joined tightly too.

A well-made turret press is required to get the desired accuracy and precise reloading.

Caliber Support

Before you make a purchase decision, make sure that the particular turret press supports the caliber you want to reload.

Some turret presses support pistol reloading ammo, and some support rifle ammo. In most cases, any high-quality turret press endorses both of them.

However, depending on the cartridge length, the convenience may vary.

Brand Reputation

Choosing the right brand is one of the most vital decisive factors here when you are going to buy a reloading press.

Look, you can’t let your reloading process inaccurate by choosing a press from an unknown brand.

LEE Precision, RCBS, Lyman, Redding are some of the reputed brands in the reloading industry. I’ve listed one turret press model from each of those brands except RCBS.

Not to mention, RCBS also produces quality turret press (Check the price on Amazon).

Ease of Use

If you don’t find it easy to use a turret press, then it will be a nightmare for sure.

Better if you buy a press that features an ambidextrous lever handle. All the presses I reviewed above supports both left-handed and right-handed reloaders except the Redding T-7 one.

The press should feature an auto-indexing feature, or the turret head needs to be manually indexed effortlessly.

Some of the turret presses feature auto-indexing some not. I mentioned that clearly for each of the above presses. Nonetheless, all of them feature easy manual indexing.

Accuracy and Performance

Reloading needs to be accurate, and the press needs to perform to make the proceedings reliable. Including the lever handle, none of the parts should be flimsy.


Durability is another feature you must consider with high priority. You don’t want to buy a turret press for reloading every year.

Right or wrong?

Fortunately, all the units I have listed in this review guide provides durability. You won’t have to buy again for another 4-5 years at least.


Some reloaders only look for budget solutions. On the other hand, some reloaders don’t want to sacrifice for the price.

Whatever the case is, you must go for the most optimum solution. If you get a turret press that doesn’t cost too much but provides good quality, you must go for that.

Except for the Redding T-7, all the above reloading presses are highly cost-effective. The Redding T-7 should consider lowering the price. However, regarding quality, I’ve no complaint about T-7.

Before I Let You Go

As a reloader choosing the best turret press is crucial. I’m sure you won’t disagree with me at this point after reading this review guide and knowing about the different buying factors.

One of the beautiful benefits that every unit on my list shares is durability. If you buy any of the above turret presses, very likely you won’t have to buy another one for about 4-5 years or more.

Remember, these are not made to reload shotgun ammo. These are entirely for reloading pistol and rifle ammo of different sizes.

Now it’s your turn.

Which one do you think is the best bet for you?

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