What are the Different Types of Reloading Presses? – Here’s the Answer

Firing might be easy but reloading it tough. More than that, choosing the right reloading press can be difficult for you if you are a beginner. Several types of reloading presses vary in their performance.

Today, we will talk about the different types of reloading presses in detail and how they work. You do not need to be an expert to understand this, and so, we have made it simple for you.

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Different Types of Reloading Presses

Single-Stage Reloading Press

The first category among the reloading presses is the single-stage reloading press. For its nature, it is one of the most popular presses among users.

Almost in every kit, you might have seen this type of press. As this one is a single-stage press, understanding and operating this one is easier than the others.

All you need to do is screw the die into the right position at the top part of the press. After this, you have to pull the lever and push the round at the end of the ram inside the die. That’s all!

The moving parts of such presses are not many. And if you want incredibly consistent and accurate ammunition, you can rely on this one without any doubt.

As you need to move your hands more in operating this, you can control the device more than the other reloading presses. For the newbies, this can help them learn the reloading process easily and quickly.

Single-Stage Reloading Press

Major Features of Single Stage Press

  • Simple in design
  • Fewer moving parts
  • More user control
  • Consistent and accurate ammunition
  • Beginner-friendly press

Progressive Reloading Press

Another popular reloading press in the market is this Progressive one. Though the previous one was more straightforward, this one is highly complicated.

But keeping the complexity on one side, you can rely on the pace of the press. This is one of the fastest presses in the market.

Single-stage presses are capable of performing one action at a time, but things are different in the case of the progressive reloading press. This one can perform more than one action at a time.

When you pull the lever, the press will decap and resize one case. If it is a pistol, it will expand differently.

Then, it will prime another case and add the powder to a case. After this, it is a bullet on yet another case and works as per your requirement.

It is the best deal for the high volumes of ammo. Going for the pistols or semi-automatic rifle shooters is comfortable with these sorts of presses.

Progressive Reloading Press

Major Features of Progressive Press

  • Complex design
  • Fastest press
  • Can do several actions at a time
  • Designed for high volumes of ammo
  • Constructed for experienced reloaders

Turret Press

If you go through the proper stages of reloading presses, this one comes exactly after the single-stage press.

In terms of the design, this one is also identical to the first one. However, it is capable of holding more than one die at a time.

There are rotating places added at the top, and you can install more than one die there. As a result, your reloading process will be faster than the first one.

When you deal with a single-stage press, you must exchange the dies every time you begin a new process.

But with the turret press, you have to rotate the turret to send the designed die over the ram!

These have more moving parts than the single-stage one, and so, if you want precision, you might get a bit disappointed. To overcome this, you will need a high-grade turret press.

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Turret Press

Major Features of  Turret Press

  • Hold more than one die
  • No need die exchanging
  • More moving parts
  • Complex design
  • Fast reloading process

Shotshell Press

If you think about reloading the rifles and handguns, the previously mentioned presses are the right deal for you.

But if you want to load your shotgun shells, you can have your hands on this one. With the help of the shotshell press, you will create specialized rounds for several purposes.

When dealing with shotgun shells, you already know that the regular reloading presses can never do their job here.

The presses for shotshells are also available in both single-stage and progressive variants, and if you want, you can choose depending on that.

However, while purchasing this, you have to keep in mind that the shotshell press you choose is right for the caliber and the shell length required.

Shotshell Press

Major Features of  Shotshell Press

  • Designed for shotgun shells
  • Available in single-stage and progressive variants
  • Depends on caliber and shell length

Hand Press

If you are in search of a portable reloading press, this can be your solution. These do not require any mounting, and so, you do not need any workbench for working with it.

These are hand-held and easy to work with. You can use it anywhere with the portable feature it has.

You will be able to reload small quantities at the range or camp. In any confined space, you can use it.

If you do not require loading a bunch of ammo everything or have limited space to do so, you can pick up this one. These are also affordable and you storing them is also easy.

Major Features of Hand Press

  • Designed for portability
  • Small in size
  • Affordable in price

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Wrap Up

You have already learned about different types of reloading presses and their uses. As a beginner, if you want to start reloading, you must know these basics of reloading. Then you can choose the right reloading press for you quickly!

Don’t forget to tell us which reloading press you have used. Also, mention the things you love about any specific reloading press.

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