Which One is the Most Accurate .177 Pellet for airguns? – Let’s Find Out

The performance of the pellets depends on several factors like the power of the gun you are using, your skill, etc.

However, you must buy some accurate pellets that also feature some other standard characteristics of high-quality pellets.

With that said, it’s not an easy task to find the most accurate .177 pellets from so many options out there.

Good for you.

To do all the legwork for you, I’ve prepared this review article on the four most accurate .177 pellets mentioning their upsides and downsides.

Here are some core parameters of the pellets that forced me to include them on my list –

  • First and foremost, accuracy.
  • The shape, weight, consistency, impact, etc.
  • The application.
  • The cost-effectiveness.
  • And many more parameters specific to the pellets.

So, let’s get this show on the road.

Most Accurate .177 Pellets

4 Most Accurate .177 Pellets – Detailed Review

1. H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme Hollowpoint Airgun Pellets Review

1. H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme Hollowpoint Airgun Pellets Review

  • These pellets weigh ideally (9.57 Grains) for one shot to dispatch animals like squirrels.
  • It’s pretty accurate to serve the purpose.
  • These pellets are second to none for close-range shooting.
  • An excellent set of pellets for knocking down small games.
  • The hollow cross shape genuinely provides a massive impact.
  • The container is well-engineered to prevent pellet spilling.
  • You will get plenty of pellets (400) in the box.
  • These are satisfactorily effective in penetrating hard targets.
  • I must say, the expansion of the impact of the pellet is quite uniform for different targets.
  • You might feel that the price could have been better. To me, it’s quite ok, though.
  • These pellets don’t go too deep into the target.


Haendler & Natermann (H&N) is a reputed company in making different pellets for hunting and shooting. This set of pellets is no exception.

If you are planning to dispatch small bird games like sparrow, pigeon, snipe, or some other small games like mouse, squirrel, chipmunk, etc., this set of pellets is one of the best bets for you.

This one is an improved version of pellets that offers increased accuracy. So, yes, I’m telling it the most accurate .177 pellet without any doubt.

While the maximum distance for shooting with these pellets is 164’, you will get the best accuracy from 60’-100’ distance.

I must mention the weight of these pellets is quite suitable for keeping it consistent all the way to the target even in windy conditions. That’s what makes it a pretty accurate set of pellets.

While the weight of the pellets is 9.57 grains each, the ballistic coefficient is 0.018.

As you will get 400 pieces of pellets in the container, so, you don’t have to fall short of pellets frequently.

Altogether, the upgrade from H&N worked well regarding accuracy and consistency. You won’t regret using it for your rifle.

2. RWS R10 Match Plus Premium Line Pallets Review

RWS R10 Match Plus Premium Line Pallets Review

  • It’s one of the best indoor pellets set out there.
  • No question on the accuracy level and stability. Kudos to the diabolo shape.
  • The weight of each of the pellets (8.2 grains) is perfect for knocking down the target in one shot.
  • I must cherish the finish, overall built of the pellets.
  • Regarding consistency, these are some top-notch pellets.
  • You will be getting 500 pellets altogether. It’s quite a healthy number to our likings for sure.
  • A perfect choice for competition level shooting.
  • The craftsmanship of these pellets is remarkable.
  • Storing for long is not a problem because of the surface finish that is protected from oxidation.
  • It’s quite reasonably priced.
  • These pellets are loose in a tin. However, it’s nothing that significant to me.


RWS is another reputed company that makes high-quality pellets.

If you are a complete beginner and just about to start your shooting journey, you will enjoy using these pellets, no doubt.

RWS R10 pellets are quite affordable for what it offers. More importantly, you are getting 500 pellets, and all the pellets are of good quality without being damaged.

You will like the consistency offered by these pellets that will give you a smooth shooting experience.

The high tolerance and repeatability will please you too.

All in all, I believe this set is the best bang for our bucks.

3. H&N Baracuda Match Domed Airgun Pellet Review

H&N Baracuda Match Domed Airgun Pellet Review

  • These pellets feature high impact and penetration.
  • One of the perfect sets of pellets for long-range shooting.
  • These are entirely accurate and suitable for hard-hitting.
  • You will like the uniform characteristics and repeatability offered by these pellets.
  • These pellets are heavy enough to keep the velocity and noise down.
  • These offer relatively tighter tolerance.
  • The weight remains consistent for the most part.
  • Baracuda Match pellets feature advanced alloy for tight shot grouping.
  • Like other H&N pellet sets, this set also offers spill-proof containers.
  • You are getting ample amounts of pellets (400) for each container.
  • A bit heavy for moderately powered guns.
  • Considering the cost, you shouldn’t use these pellets for fun, like shooting the tin cans. Better save it for hunting or competition.


H&N Baracuda Match Domed pellets are ideal for hunting and target shooting.

As I’ve listed these pellets on my list, rest assured about their accuracy.

For target shooting, you require uniform pellets and need to shoot repeatedly with ease. Luckily, these pellets are uniform and provide ample repeatability.

The domed shape ensures aero dynamism, and eventually, a higher ballistic coefficient (BS).

These particular pellets have 0.024 ballistic coefficients each, and you can shoot these from a maximum distance of 164’.

From its BS, it’s quite evident that it provides enhanced flight property.

Each of the pellets weighs 10.65 grains, which is also a reason for getting consistency through the air.

The round neck or dome shape helps to make the pellets accurate.

So, hunting small game like squirrel, rat, chipmunk as well as little birds like sparrow, magpie, snipe is as easy as pie with these pellets.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for precise, accurate, consistent .177 pellets without hurting your pocket, you won’t regret buying this set. These will group in your rifle nicely for sure.

4. Gamo Luxor CU Sharp Pyramid Shaped .177 Pellets Review

Gamo Luxor CU Sharp Pyramid Shaped .177 Pellets Review

  • This set of pellets offers excellent accuracy.
  • This one is a suitable set of pellets for hunting and field usage.
  • The pyramid-shaped tip of these pellets pierce the target, cut it, shatter it effortlessly.
  • The copper layer ensures the impact of power.
  • These pellets feature enhanced flight characteristics because of the aerodynamic shape.
  • These are non-lead pellets. This helps them to retain velocity and energy.
  • This is a perfect set of pellets for close range small game hunting.
  • Faster than the other lead pellets on my list.
  • They hold a tight pattern.
  • One of the most versatile sets of pellets on my list.
  • It contains only 150 pieces of pellets. So, considering the quantity, it’s a bit pricey.
  • The pellets make a sound like a bullet. So, if you don’t like that sound like a bullet, better avoid this set.


Gamo is another famous Spain based brand in making pellets. Besides pellets, this company also manufactures rifles, pistols, optics, accessories, and clothes related to hunting.

So, it clearly shows how well they know about this industry, and these pellets reflect its capability of producing quality items.

These pellets sound and impact like bullets. So, if you are finding some quiet options, better choose any set of pellets from my list except this.

You can hunt small or medium game with these pellets effortlessly. Penetrating a big game won’t be a big deal either.

Considering the number of pellets in the container, the price could have been better. However, still, I recommend buying this set if you are looking for accurate non-lead pellets.

If you are using a Gamo rifle, then better look no further. You will enjoy shooting with these pellets more than any other user.

Because of the shape, these pellets are not perfectly unified. Nonetheless, I don’t find this as that much significant issue.

Despite having a few minor hiccups, I still believe these are some worthy pieces of pellets.

Most Accurate 177 Pellets – Buying Guide

Pellet Weight

The pellet weight dictates how stable the pellet will be in traveling a distance.

The more weight, the more stable the pellet is through the air. That’s why when you are going to shoot in the windy condition, a heavier pellet will help to penetrate the target more than a lighter pellet.

Besides stability, the weight of the pellet also dictates the velocity, trajectory, etc. The lighter pellets tend to go faster than the heavier pellet.

Before choosing a heavy pellet, make sure your rifle will be able to deal with it.


Accuracy is something that you would want to get from the pellet more than anything else.

Yes, shooting accurately also depends on the rifle you are using and on your skill.

With that said, the pellets need to support accuracy. It needs to go flat as much as possible and stable through the air.

Fortunately, all the sets of pellets I reviewed are accurate.


If you want to knock down the target in the blink of an eye, the pellet needs to provide enough velocity support.

Again it depends on the rifle too, but the pellets have their role as well. If you choose some non-lead lightweight pellets, it will go faster than the heavier pellets.


Each shape of the pellets has its characteristics, and choosing the perfect shape mainly depends on the application.

If you want to do game hunting, then a pointed shape or hollow shape comes in handy. Whereas, a wadcutter pellet is an excellent choice for target shooting.

The diabolo-shaped pellets provide better stability through the air.

Pellet Energy

The pellet energy is also known as knockdown power. The pointed-shaped pellets are useful to get more knockdown power.

On the other hand, hollow-shaped pellets expand on impact, and that makes it a suitable choice for hunting.

Pellet Alloy

Pellet alloy dictates the softness or hardness of the pellets. It eventually decides how humanely you are hitting the target.

Different Pellet Types and Which is Best for Accuracy?

Pellets can be classified based on different shapes. Let me discuss one by one and give you some insights about them. This might help you to get a clear picture of the forms and decide on a suitable one.

types of pallets

Wadcutter Pellets

Wadcutter pellets have a flat head and a small slope at the bottom of the pellet.

This type of pellet is made for achieving lower velocity, and these are good for close-range shooting.

To eliminate a pest from about 25 yards, this type of pellet is highly effective.

Because of its nature to aid close-range shooting, wadcutter pellets are a suitable choice for competition level shooting too.

Pointed Pellets

The pointed-shaped pellets are highly effective in hunting and field use, where you need to penetrate the target more than anything else.

Regarding accuracy, this type of pellet does the best too.

The head of these pellets are shaped like a point that makes it enter into the target and knock it down.

The larger diameter of the waist makes it heavy and helps to provide enhanced flight characteristics.

For hunting small game, and little birds, you would want to use pointed pellets.

Round Nose or Dome Pellets

Round nose or dome pellets are probably the most used pellets out of all.

For plinking, target shooting, and hunting, these pellets are widely accepted amongst the shooters.

Round nose or dome pellets provide sufficient accuracy and one of the best types of pellets for long-range shooting.

Hollowpoint Pellets

Hollowpoint pellets provide more impact on hitting the target than penetrating it. That means it expands on impact and a perfect choice for one-shot killing.

These are only good for close-range shooting.

Final Words

In a nutshell, all the above pellets are some of the most accurate .177 pellets amongst several models from different brands.

It’s better to decide on the objective first then go for one. I’m sure the above reviews and buying guide section have given you ample knowledge to make a wise buying decision.

Which one do you think would be the best bet for you?

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