Top 5 Reloading Safety Rules for Beginners in 2020 – No More Injuries

Whether you are a novice or expertise in the reloading field, you have some basic rules that tell you what not to do while you are hand-loading your ammunition. Using guns for shooting the target may be fun, but if you do not follow the required reloading rules, there can be a severe catastrophe.

To avoid tragedy, you will see so many rules and safety cautions for both your body and your property. As it is not possible to follow every step, we will mention only the most necessary fives.

Here, we have talked about the top 5 reloading safety rules for beginners. If you are a beginner and don’t know about the safety rules properly, this piece of writing can be your savior.

What are the Safety Rules? 

The basic rules you need to follow when you are hand-loading your ammunition are called reloading safety rules.

There are hundreds of rules that the user should follow when it comes to a safe application.

However, as a beginner, there are some easy rules that you should maintain. These are the must when it comes to keeping you and your gun safe.

If you fail to follow the rules and make the process safe, it will damage property. The consequence can be severe personal injury too! So, follow the rules and regulations to ensure you are safe when you are reloading.

The 5 Reloading Safety Rules for Beginners 

Never Forget Protection

The first of all the reloading safety rules is you have to wear protection. When you are reloading, you can have a primer explosion.

Keep in mind that the accident doesn’t come with warning alarms. So, you have to be ready for it. The first is wearing eye protection when loading.

However, try to avoid the wrap-around safety glasses. There is no fundamental difference between regular glasses and these.

You have to ensure that whatever you wear is protecting your eyes from any explosion. Wear the ones that you wear on a gun range.

Other safety glasses are also available for the reloading works. Safety gloves are also necessary for keeping your hands protected from the quick services of the tools.

On the contrary, don’t get anything that discomforts you while moving the fingers. It is a good idea to wear safety cloth to keep your outfit mess-free.

Don’t Avoid Reloading Scale

If you are just a beginner, you might think that a cooking scale is enough for you. But trust me; this is the biggest mistake of your life!

If you want to measure the exact amount of gunpowder, you must settle for a reloading scale. These are calibrated and suitable for accurate measurement, and no other scale will be capable of doing it.

On the contrary, you have to ensure that the scale is calibrated and set on Zero before you measure the powder. You will slowly understand how to take the proper measurement, and you need practice for this.

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Get a Powder Checking System 

From available two powder check systems, both visual and mechanical systems, you are free to choose anyone.

With mechanical powder check systems, you will get several forms of die systems. On the other hand, if you are using a powder that fills more than half part of the case, you can use the visual powder check system.

In this case, you might see overflow if there is a double charge, and it does not prevent squib loads.

Peaceful Working Environment 

The bench you are using for the reloading work should be clean. The more things you will keep in the table, the more complicated it will be to do the reloading work.

As you need to keep your mind fresh and concentrated, the clean bench will not complicate you. Only keep one canister of powder on the bench so that it is easy for you to deal with it. There is a chance of mixing components accidentally.

For such situations, try to get remnant containers with a label added for the additional primers.

While working, don’t be in a hurry; instead, be patient enough to understand the work. There will be a time you will feel that you are losing it.

In such situations, try to take some time before you concentrate. Take time for planning, setting up, and labeling the ammo before you use them. Don’t keep children or any other person around that can distract you.

Right Reloading Data

For the load data you are using, you must have a clear idea about them. As you are dealing with such powders, there can be severe accidents if you mix up the wrong components or wrong measures.

So, be careful about your load selection. Make sure you know about your gun’s loading capability.

Before getting your hands on the powder, you must check the loading manual again and again.

Also, check the online data submitted by the actual users. Both online manufacturer load data along with the reloading manual load data should be double-checked before using.

Why should you obey the rules?

Obeying reloading rules is necessary for keeping you safe. If you do not follow the reloading rules correctly, the powder you are using can cause severe accidents.

When you blend the propellants, there can be an explosion. If you do not wear safety glasses, the powder can get inside the eyes, causing severe accidents.

If you eat, drink or smoke when you are reloading, it will keep residue on your hands. As a result, it will go inside your body through your nose or mouth.

  • With proper load data, it is easy to know which types of powder and primers are right for which bullets.
  • Starting with STARTING LOAD and going to the maximum load gradually will keep away accidents.
  • Right measurement of gunpowder safeguards from an explosion
  • The ideal powder check system ensures no double powder charge lessening the chances of damaging the gun.
  • A clean and distraction-free environment leads to the right mixture of powder and primers to keep away blow-up.
  • Blow-ups might damage the gun.
  • Not following the safety rules will end up in an explosion damaging the user’s body parts.

Pro Tips for Safe Reloading

  • Keep the powders marked and dated
  • Check cases for split necks and signs of fatigue.
  • For loading the same cartridge for several firearms, ensure every gun’s ammo headspaces.
  • Store the reloading supplies in a dry and safe location
  • Always keep the primers and powder separate while storing.

Final Words

You already know about the top 5 reloading safety rules for beginners. As beginners, you always have to follow the rules until you get the required expertise.

Never being a scientist is the first rule you must follow as a newbie! Now, please write to us about how you maintain safety rules when you do the reloading process.

Have you ever faced any unwanted accidents? How did you manage? Comment below to let us know.

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