Top 10 Dove Hunting Tips For Beginners [Also Include some pro tips]

If you are here to hunt, you must know that the real challenge is dove hunting. If you are not a pro, it might be a little difficult. But with these tips for dove hunting, you can slay the deal!

When we don’t deny that practice makes a man perfect, we also believe tactics make hunting flawless. And when you are hunting doves, you must be extra cautious.

Today, we have come up with some basic tips for hunting dove for beginners. If you are tired of shooting Woodcock, Grouse, and Wild Turkey, change your taste by hunting doves. Check the method and go for it!

Dove Hunting Tips for Beginners

1. Accessories you Need

Among all the tips for dove hunting, the first one is to get the right accessories.

All the hunters know that their accessories can bring them a basket full of doves when they get home.

However, all the accessories are not required. Stick to some basics along with some additionals to get your job done.

Bird Shooter Vest: This vest can help keep your hidden. However, if you don’t like it, you can also go for the waist-type belt. Pick up separate pouches so that you can deal with the shotshells.

Shooting Glasses: It is wise to pick up two different pairs of polarized glasses for shooting.

As the light conditions are not always the same, keeping one dark pair and one yellow pair lens can help you.

Sitting Arrangements: For the long term jobs, the sitting arrangements can soothe your weary feed. The foldable stool can be beneficial here.

Shotgun Holder: if you are going for a long-distance, it is better to cover your gun with a gun holder. This will be beneficial for carrying the gun along with keeping it and others safe.

Carrier: If you are going to shoot so many doves, you must get a carrier to carry them to your home. An ice-filled cooler can be the right choice here.

Skincare: Shooting doves will fulfill your heart, but to keep your skin protected, you will need sunscreen. Also, a bug dope will keep you away from the bugs in the woods.

2. The Ideal Outfit

If you are in a golden shirt and the light flickers on your face, the dove will know! The worst thing you can do is wear an outfit that helps the dove know you are here!

It is always better to wear outfits that will go with the surrounding. The best clothing for hunting is camo clothing.

With this, the dove will not be able to watch you properly. Try to hide at much as you can. Get a camo tape to cover your gun. Don’t forget to hide your face.

3. Know the Target

When you are hunting doves, you must think like a dove. Before everything, check their habits.

Doves eat the seed. From sunflowers to wheat and corn, they get their food. However, they don’t get into complicated areas to feed themselves.

They have vulnerable legs. As a result, they eat on bare ground. Till midday, they stay in the feeding area.

In between this time, they visit the watering sites specifically at noon. There, they stay for about one to two hours. In the afternoon, they get back to the roost. But before that, they go for water once again.

Dove Hunting Target

4. The Right Shotgun

In the list of tips for dove hunting, shotgun selection is crucial. There is no right shotgun than the one that fits your hand perfectly.

However, some basics are the prerequisite when it comes to choosing a shotgun for hunting dove. It is always better to stick to the 12 or 20 gauge shotguns.

In the case of a not-so-close and not-so-quick situation, you must settle for the modified tube.

However, for the vice-versa games, pick up cylinder rocks. The 7.5 to 8 range is the ideal shot for dove hunters!

5. Prepare the Gun and Scout

If you think that the patterns will be even and ready for hunting, you might be doing it wrong.

In cases of flagrant holes, go for a separate load. In this case, the perfect shot size is important. Practice will make you perfect.

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6. Ways to Trap

The best way to trap the doves is decoys. If you expect that all the doves will come to fall in this trap, you are in a fiction.

However, some will come and make your work easier. But one or two decoys will not help you must.

If you have bigger targets, you must play larger games. Get 6-10 decoys for attracting them. Set them up on the tree or the french line and see the difference!

7. Search the Right Place

If you keep searching for the dove here and there, you are not likely to find it. The professionals are a little tactical here.

It is always better to take a look at the corners of the field. Whether the birds stay in the middle or not, you will surely find some on the corners.

Like we often set our beds keeping a wall nearby, the doves like to stay on one side.

8. Stay in the Dark

You cannot ignore that doves have sharp eyes. And once they understand you are here to catch them, they will no longer be there.

So, the first thing you need to remember is being in the dark. This is the number one rule in the shooting ground, not for the only dove but all birds. Don’t be showable to the birds.

9. Know your Range

If you shoot without any plan, again and again, this will only help the targets hide. Before you shoot, you must learn about the range.

You have to evaluate the distance and shoot accordingly. If you are a beginner, you can settle for some range markers too.

With some flags, make a mark that covers 30-37 yards. Don’t shoot if the target is out of the range.

10. Steady but Swift

The right time can change the game for you. Don’t rush things when it comes to hunting.

Looking at the birds, understanding the behavior, getting the gun ready, hiding throughout the situation, everything in this process will require you to be steady and calm.

But when you get the target in the right position, don’t forget to be quick and swift.

If You are in a Hurry, Watch the Video for Quick Info

Some Pro Tips on Hunting Dove

  • Be soundless and don’t move the body at all
  • The right gauge can be your savior
  • Don’t be cynical, shoot the one you can hit only
  • Even after hitting the dove, keep your eyes on it
  • Search for the doves only by moving your head little by little

Final Verdict

So, you are ready for hunting doves? You don’t need to be a pro to hunt doves. All you need is a little practice. Check out the tips for dove hunting we have stated here, and you will never fail!

Don’t forget to let us know your favorite trick for hunting dove. Also, share your dove hunting experience with us!

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