About AvidTacticals

You can always improve on something you like to do.

To do so, a website is one of the best places to get the required knowledge in today’s world.

Hi, this is James Alfaro, the founder of this wonderful blog Avidtactical.com, welcoming you warmly to my website.

Great satisfaction comes from sharing with others. This is what I believe, and it’s the core reason I started this blog back in 2019.

I’m a tactical guy who loves to carry his rifle and shotgun for hunting different games. No wonder I deal with other tactical gears like knives, scopes, bullets, reloading kits, etc.

When it’s about buying gear, what I genuinely hate is believing all those sales gimmicks blindly and pouring money down the drain.

On the other hand, I know it’s a daunting task to separate the wheat from the chaff when you have numerous options to choose from.

If you are particular like me and don’t want to waste your money, you are in the right place.

It’s because, in this blog, I’m going to review different tactical gears mentioning their highs and lows. Eventually, you will get an insight into different brands and models of guns, bullets, scopes, etc.

About Us - AvidTacticals

What to expect from this blog?

This blog is not all about reviewing products. Instead, it’s your one-stop solution in getting different tips, tricks, tutorials related to hunting, shooting, and different gears.

I will be filling this blog with a lot of useful resources containing several topics related to this niche.

So, if you want you to take to the next level, this is the site you would want to bookmark.

Am I biased to any brand?

No, not at all. Neither am I sponsored by any brand.

I don’t get paid by any brand to put its product on my shortlist for reviewing.

What I consider when including any item on my list are –

  • Its usability.
  • Its cost-effectiveness.
  • Durability, performance, etc.
  • The brand reputation and its customer service.
  • What other real users are thinking about that particular gear.
  • And so many other product-specific attributes.

So, rest assured, all the reviews are completely unbiased.

Enjoy the blog. Happy reading!