Which one is the Best Progressive Reloading Press? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Many shooters, hunters, and gun holders out there are looking for the best progressive reloading presses to use. So, please continue to read our complete progressive reloading press reviews and guidelines that will give you a better understanding of what they are and why they can be a wise purchase for you.

The first thing to understand is that progressive reloading presses do more than load rounds into magazines. A single stroke with the lever will eject a spent casing and load a new round on top of it. That means that as long as your mags aren’t complete, you can keep shooting without ever having to stop (or even take your eyes off the target). That’s something worth considering when comparing different types of equipment.

In this review article, we’ll go through the best five progressive reloading presses. We will do our best to assist you in navigating through the slew of web reviews and choosing a high-quality reloading machine. We want something that will eliminate any uncertainty so that there are no more concerns while deciding between these beautiful possibilities.

How Does a Progressive Reloading Press Work?

Progressive reloading presses working mechanism is depending on which model you’re using. However, some models have up to five automated attachments that can be used for any task requiring manual labour and help reduce time spent loading components or checking Safe ammunition into different chambers in your firearm.

One of the great features of progressive reloading presses is how they work. They have stationery dies in a circle, which can do any one task at once.

For example, removing a spent primer from casing and seating bullets correctly with each press cycle or dropping an exact amount of powder into your cartridge before closing up everything by crimping it shut.

The handle has been designed so that you only need to pull as far back on this machine. If there’s something extra going out – like putting another bullet onto the site, then releasing pressure will make sure all steps are finished without fail. Because shell plates automatically move between stations every time we cycle through them using our hand grip alone.

As the round moves through, you can place a new die on each stage as it nears completion and comes to rest at the front of the line where an ejected one once stood- ready for reloading with new numbers if needed.

Best Progressive Reloading Press: Comparison Chart

5 Best Progressive Reloading Press Reviews

1. Hornady Lock N Load Auto Progressive Press Review

  • This reloading press can reload 500 rounds per hour.
  • It can switch its caliber within 5 minutes.
  • This tool comes with a large-capacity hopper.
  • It comes with a perfect and reliable auto-indexing and ejecting system.
  • You can easily set up and use this tool.
  • It’s a five-station progressive press.
  • It offers accurate powder measurement.
  • You have to buy your dies, shell plate, and other additional accessories separately.


Are you looking for the best progressive reloading press within your budget? Then Hornady auto progressive press may be a good choice. It is said that many people have trouble with setup and initial use still once they get everything set up correctly. The Lock N Load Auto Progressive press has been seen as an excellent choice by those who own them in various reviews online.

The progressive reloading press is excellent for its price, but it sure does get many features. What starts with automatic indexing and quick-change bushings will have you able to transform your progressives from one caliber to another.

You can now load pistol rounds on this machine as well if needed. Buy some more parts so that the purchase covers all five bushing sets instead of liking before. They’re pretty cheap too. Its durable design is made out of steel or aluminum. It depends on which material costs less during the production process.

The press has a case-activated powder drop, meaning an empty cartridge needs to be before it dispenses. That means it takes only 5 minutes to change from one caliber to another caliber. Since the dies are locked in place with bushings, quick-change metering inserts allow you to switch powders without tools.

The Lock N Load auto progressive reloading offers a great deal. You can easily remove or insert cases at any time, thanks to the handy case retainer spring and EZject feature, which ejects cartridges without fail.

Some people have experienced an issue with their bushing unseating over time. But this is solved simply by putting thin rubber O-rings under each lip for extra stability on Hornady reloading presses. You’ll get 500 rounds per hour out of your progressive press that way too. Its chamber ammo reliably like no other gun we’ve tried before.

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2. Lee Precision Load Master 45 Progressive Press Reviews

  • This tool is made of heavy-duty cast aluminum. So, it is durable compared to other presses.
  • It’s a five-station progressive press.
  • It offers a fast-reloading process.
  • The installation and operation of this machine are simple, and it runs smoothly.
  • You don’t have to die separately because it comes with three dies.
  • It is not perfect for small numbers of various cartridges.
  • Extra benefits require extra accessories purchases.


The Lee Load Master makes changing between calibers a breeze. The press itself comes to set up for 9mm Luger, but you can change dies on every station without hassle or confusion with just one tool.

Everything you’ll need to reload your ammunition is included in the package. It comes with an excellent powder measure that will hold up to 4 pounds or 2 kilograms worth of bullets at once.

You’ll also get primers from the CCI brand only as well. So, don’t forget about installing their explosion shield if needed before loading those new rounds into your weapon arsenal today. Using the five stations, you can go at your own pace while still completing up to 300 rounds per hour.

  • Station one works as a universal decapper. 
  • Station two is used for resizing. 
  • Station three dispenses powder with a case expander
  • Station four seats’ bullets
  • Station 5 is used to crimps them in place.

The 9mm reloading press kit is an excellent deal for the money. You can save up to 8% by making your rounds, and you won’t have any problems with a rifle or handgun ammunition compatibility. This tool is smaller than average dimensions-perfect if all of your guns use just this chamber type.

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3. Dillon Precision 14261 Progressive Press Review

  • It works smoothly.
  • This machine is dependable, and it is simple to set up and operate.
  • This machine can produce rounds of match-grade quality.
  • This machine is well-known for its large amount of capacity.
  • It is simple to integrate a feeder into this machine.
  • Manual indexing It is a manual indexing machine. So, it will cost you time.
  • You must purchase extra equipment in order to have a more enjoyable experience.

The Review

With the Dillon Precision 14261, you can get everything done quickly and with high levels of consistency. This machine is equipped with a powder drop measurer that can be used to load any cartridge. It is most commonly used with shotguns or rifles.

It also includes four stations that perform tasks such as sizing/priming cases.

  • Station 1 is for loading powder into shell casings.
  • Station 2 is for setting primers onto rounds inside clips ready to load into chambers on guns.  
  • Station 3 is for crimping up loose ends around an empty chamber tube before pushing shells down where they’ll stay until needed.

The Dillon Precision 14261 is the perfect choice for those who want to keep their reloading press running smoothly. The machine comes with a warranty and will notify you when primers are low, keeping surprise interruptions at bay during operations.

A progressive loading bench allows plenty of space between shell holders. So that hookups can take place without worry. If you want bumping heads as one loads up an empty chamber, you must download another set.

The 14261 is an excellent choice for the accuracy-minded reloader. This machine is simple to operate and it will give you greater influence over your guns and ammo. Its threaded link arm pins allow grease or oil injection into quick-release joints. You can also easily access its upper pivot pins of shafts.

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4. RCBS 9356 Rock Chucker Supreme Progressive Press Review

Pros & Cons

  • This tool is easy to install and use.
  • You can handle many handgun and rifle rounds with this machine.
  • It’s a five-station progressive press.
  • Universal case retention, accurate powder measure, and priming systems are included.
  • Its plastic components may not be as long-lasting as those found in other models.
  • Unfortunately, it does not function correctly for the 25 Auto motion precisely.

The Review

The RCBS Rock Chucker is a supreme progressive press. It has an accessory kit that turns it into a manual indexing multi-station reloader. With the simple conversion, you can load 50 rounds per hour and increase your hourly output by 400+ more.

The assembly process for this complicated device might seem daunting at first glance. You have to put everything together before using them or taking off again-but if anything goes wrong. All parts are removable, so they’re easy enough once installation begins in earnest.

The input makes apparent reference after the initial claim (the product being described). It adds additional information about how its modification affects the speed/rate of fire. This machine also added feels less like fluff than just explaining facts.

The progressive reloading press you get offers a lot of neat features. First, it has a safe and reliable APS priming system that works with all pistol rounds (except 25 autos) and rifles up to .30-06 Springfield caliber.

Second, the case-activated powder dispenser will come in handy when dealing with semi-automatic rifles or regular firearms requiring Hodgdon VihtaVoiton Gold Dot loadings.

Third, there’s a universal casing retention system, so removing cases at one station won’t affect their alignment anywhere else around them. That means more time spent shooting than worrying about correctly setting your gun back down again due to crooked brass edges.

This machine is ideal for aspiring gunsmiths who want to learn gunsmiths. Self-cleaning shell plate holder included, as well as an incorporated bullet tray, empty case, and loaded cartridge box—all you need are some dies to complete the setup. It would have been lovely to have received a complimentary powder measure.

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Progressive Reloading Press: Buying Guide

When buying a progressive reloading press, there are many factors that you should consider. What materials manufacturer has used? How easy or difficult it is for you to use this machine and so on. These aspects depend entirely upon your personal preference and other considerations such as price, durability, etcetera.

Quality of Material

The most important factor of any reloading press is the materials. We looked for durable metal in our review.

No matter what type or brand may be out there now, though- whether it’s a single-stage or progressive- your long-lasting product will have reinforced steel bones if that skeleton consists only of the treated material.

Reloading Rate

When purchasing a progressive reloading press, the manufacturer may tell you how many rounds per hour you should be able to produce. While this may take into account all of its features, it is not always accurate – and who knows what is going on? Perhaps everything works out perfectly for them.

Instead of waiting until mid-production to research different types of ammunition, which could lead some people down wrong paths when trying out new techniques without knowing what would work best on certain firearms, it would probably make more sense now.

Ease Of Uses

If you’ve recently passed from the stage of being a newcomer to the world of automated reloading machines, you might find yourself in a bit of a predicament.

But don’t be alarmed! More straightforward presses are available for those who require their hands to be held while they work (or create), such as my cousin Joe, who works with his foot firmly planted on the pedal the entire day.

If I were starting fresh as someone without much experience, then yeah – an overly complicated press would probably bite me right where it hurts and make things way more complicated than necessary.

Number Of Stations

The reloading press is a complicated machine. Without the right equipment, you will be left with ruined primers and dangerous explosive powder charges! Make sure you have at least 4 of 5 different types of stations for your machine:

  • Mixed Chamber
  • Powderizer/Wad Screws
  • Primer Feeder (if applicable) & Case Trimmer
  • Cartridge Scale or Bullet Seating Tool too.

Dies & Accessories

Die sets and extra accessories help to increase the efficiency of progressive reloading presses, which are known for their high production capacity. These tools make it possible to modify your brass for various calibers with minimal effort and in less time.

Other companies may offer to die sets or kits that will allow one tool to transition all aspects from primers through bullets while automating processes like powder charging to get up close conversion times (and save money) downrange when needed most.

A few key features are making versatile dies necessary investments: 1) Multi caliber, 2) Automatic primer, 3) Cartridge, 4) Caliber, 5) Convertibility, etc.

Gunpowder Management System

A powder management system is an essential part of any gun that will see regular use and should be considered when purchasing one for your firearm.

Indexing Type

The two most popular types of indexing systems are automatic and manual. Automatic systems require less work from the printer, but larger companies with more automation resources can take advantage of them.

If you want an affordable press with this type of feature, then get one now before prices go up.

Some hope remains for individuals who require a more straightforward approach without extraneous features; only purchase what best meets your requirements – whether simple or complex – depending on how much effort has been invested in learning printing industry lingo thus far.

Ejection System

The best type of firearm for self-defence can be used with a suppressor, which will significantly reduce the sound it makes. If you have an ejection system on your gun – which all new guns should nowadays, according to most experts – then there’s no need to worry about any leftover sand or dirt marring its sleek exterior because they’ll jump out at once.


Progressive reloading presses allow you to save money by being more economical than single-stage reloading press ones. If your finances are limited and quality is necessary, this type will be perfect for you! Kits can always work out just right because it’s convenient – no need in buying another bulky piece of equipment when all we wanted was some extra space inside our cabinet (or wherever).

You can also read our roundup guide on Shotshell Reloading Press and Portable Reloading Press

Frequently Asked Questions

Are progressive reloading presses accurate?

Yes! The accuracy of progressive reloading presses has improved over the years. Some models even offer adjustable turrets so you can dial in your own specific bullet seating depth

How do I know if my progressive reloading press will work well for me?

You'll have to determine whether it meets all of your requirements before buying. If you want to use a progressive reloading press for hunting purposes, you should consider a model that includes an ejection port.

Can a Beginner Use a Progressive Press?

A beginner should not use a progressive reloader because they may damage their firearm if misused. A novice will have no idea how to set up the machine properly, so there could be an issue in the future. If you're starting, we recommend using a manual press instead until your skills improve. You'll also want to practice loading shells manually before attempting to load them onto a progressive press.

What is auto-indexing?

The first thing is to size and prime their case before loading it into the gun. These actions happen automatically through some types of presses or manually with other equipment. When this process is done automatically, that is called auto-indexing. Sometimes you have to insert new shells yourself for them to feed properly. If you, do it by your hand, that will call manual-indexing.

What is the best progressive reloading press?

RCBS 9357 Rock Chucker Supreme is the best progressive reloading press. This model features an adjustable ram head that lets you adjust the depth of penetration when loading cartridges. The top plate includes two locking pins that allow it to lock securely onto any standard magazine well. It comes equipped with four different size dies.223 Remington, 7mm-08 Remington, 6.5 Creedmoor, and 300 BLK. These sizes cover all popular calibers used by hunters and shooters alike.

Why progressive reloading press so heavy?

That is because it must be stable, and being heavy ensures that it remains in one place.

Final Words

The process of reloading your ammunition is somewhat complex, and there are many different solutions available. It appeals to some people because you can make each bullet and shell one-of-a-kind by using only high-quality components that contain no lead at all.

The appearance of loaded cartridges is essential to some, mainly if those rounds are intended for game hunting or defense against intruders familiar with our fortifications and weapons.

Once you find the perfect progressive reloading press, your ammunition will be as good or better than factory-made. You’ll spend less time and money on shooting practice because it’s so easy to do!

The best part is how simple this new hobby can make things – not only does making ammo from scratch save plenty of cash compared to buying (and throwing away) but also all those hours spent fumbling around aimlessly at firing ranges? Don’t worry about us anymore; now we have our plan for success: get ourselves one heckuva slow-motion machine gun that shoots.