Best Powder Measure for Reloading – Top 5 Picks with Comprehensive Buying Guide

Do you have a reloading station?

If so, you must be familiar with reloading powder measurements or digital scale. When reloading your ammunition, one of the most important steps is to measure the correct amount of powder. For this, you need the best powder measure for reloading. Powder measures are essential reloading tools that will significantly improve reloading efficiency.

There are two sorts of powder measure scales available: manual and automatic. Manual powder measurements need to shake and throw each charge by hand, which is time-consuming and inefficient. Auto powder measure can do it all in one easy step. As a result, the powder measure is an essential reloading tool that will significantly improve reloading efficiency.

It’s a device that accurately dispenses measured quantities of gunpowder charge for reloading cartridges. The best electronic powder scale for your needs may depend on what type of reloader and how much money you want to spend.

This article will review five top-rated reloading powder measures to help make it easier for you to decide based on your needs.

5 Best Powder Measure for Reloading Reviews

1. LEE PRECISION Perfect Powder Measure Review

  • This gadget is reasonable, and the prices are regular throughout the day.
  • It truly performs admirably with rifle calibers.
  • It is elementary to operate.
  • You can use this device with stick powders.
  • It takes the least time and effort to set it up.
  • Smaller granules seep past the chassis’ seals.
  • This tool does not function properly with black powder.


The Lee Precision is the perfect solution for measuring powder precisely with its two-grain measurement range. It is one of the best powder measures for reloading that can rely on it to complete their delicate projects without hassle when working with lower amounts of finespun material like pistol cases or rifle powders in small batches. If you need to load more than 100 grains, then this scale will be your best option as well.

The accuracy doesn’t stop there either. This gunpowder scale also comes with options that offer varying requirements: weighing up to 20g (0-10) grs OR from 21 g onward (1 -100+ grains).

That means you’ll never have trouble finding an accurate balance between too much or not enough primo. This reloading scale’s bench stand is a simple and effective way to keep your gun safe while you work.

It throws off the hassle of dealing with an unruly device, like those pesky safety locks on other models. With its mountable design, this sturdy metal armature will fit onto any table or shelf. Of course, you should double-check that there are no sharp edges that it could collide with before installing it.

To charge its die-charged Loadmaster wheel loader accessory tool, place them both together inside their plastic hopper, which clips securely shut via magnets. As a result, they don’t get lost during transport between sessions at home range.

An innovative powder thrower is an excellent tool for reloaders. It provides incredible precision and reliably measures out the right amount of powder. Its easy-to-use features like dialing in your desired volume without putting much effort into it.

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2. Hornady Lock-N-Load Powder Measure Review

  • This scale is simple to use and provides an accurate weight measurement in a short time.
  • Its stunning look and broad spectrum will amaze you.
  • It comes with a variety of mounting choices as well as precision adjustability on the metering insert.
  • It features a large capacity and can accommodate refined grains without leakage.
  • This scale is expensive.
  • It comes with a plastic hopper.


The powder measure comes pre-packed with oil to prevent rusting. You’ll first have the task of removing any excess, and then you can use it for your next project. It’s made from steel, so there shouldn’t be much issue when it comes time for maintenance either. If someone else has already gone into detail on how exactly this happened!

The Hornady M8NV’s construction as an all-purpose tool will meet whatever shooting application needs arise in a professional environment where durability matters most.

You can use The Hornady Lock-N-Load Powder Measure to shoot all sorts of powders, including fine grain and ball powder. It works best with 0.5 grains to 265 grains.

Still, it won’t do as well when using stick-type powders such as tracer or buck in most cases because they don’t have enough variance. It also requires more stability from a scale weight before weighing accurately on this particular design loader.

The features that set the #LNLoad apart from other types include their easy operation due to their quick indexing system. For example, you can quickly switch between metric/ imperial measurements without needing to readjust your load each time by simply turning one handle.

Many different mounting options are available, including the use of a standard mounting bracket and lock ring. You can use this scale with Hornady’s Lock-N-Load for bushings. In addition, this scale comes with a Fast Load Powder Measure Stand.

There are numerous different powders you can use with it, including fine grain and ball powder. You can work with grains ranging from 0.5 to 265 grains, although stick powders are ineffective.

This powder thrower has a large and small drop tube so that you can hurry up the flow. These tubes fit in casings easily as they pour hot gunpowder into more significant projects with smaller ones like starting fires with friction-based techniques that don’t require an accelerant charge. Its unique features and attractive design make it another one of the best powder measures for reloading in the gun industry.

There’s only 0.002 inches clearance between any parts of this machine. This feature ensures smooth functionality without clogs, even when using different types of fuels.

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3. Lyman Brass Smith Powder Measure Review

  • It gives high accuracy weigh results and charges.
  • You can use this long tool time.
  • This scale is effective with a wide variety of powders.
  • It performs admirably with smokeless powder, and the handle is quite comfortable and ergonomic.
  • You can efficiently operate this machine, and even beginners also can handle this.
  • It will not function correctly unless the set screw is tightened correctly.
  • It needs time to get everything set up.


This powder measure has many metal parts, and it comes with a UV-coated hopper for safekeeping your precious powders. The standard 7/8 “x14 threads make mounting quickly on just about any press or stand you can think to use. Unfortunately, this product does not work with Lee Precision’s die sets meant for expanding loads. Don’t worry because there are other options out there.

The new GVX Power Hand Micrometer is a high-precision machine that’s perfect for any reloader. It features CNC-machined steel metering cylinders. With thimbles, you can adjust according to your micrometer’s needs.

This best powder measure for reloading comes preprogrammed, so it’s accessible when using this tool in different calibers without needing adjustment. You’ll be able to get accurate measurements thanks not only to its large hopper (holds up 2 OZ of powder) but also two drop tubes which work well across many types of ammunition. Has your shooting revolver or rifle ever gotten dusty? The handle turns smoothly on custom ball bearings as well.

It’s incredible how much more accurate this scale is when compared to a less sensitive one. The variance in charges for the same amount has been measured at just 0.02 grains. It can make all your tedious time worth it.

The setup does take some effort, but once everything goes according to your plan. You’ll be able not only to measure accurately every single time – even from 1/10th grain up. It also sees all that hard work pay off with greater precision than ever before possible on an old-fashioned kitchen gadget like ours. Its accuracy is also downright into decimal points.

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How to buy the Best Powder Measure for Reloading?

Best powder measure reloading scale not only can they help you measure out ingredients, but these tiny and portable devices come with many features that will make your cooking life more manageable! When shopping for a new one, here’s what to consider before buying the best powder measure for the reloading process.


Brand of Powder Scale The best powder scales are those from well-known companies that have been around for decades. You should avoid unknown brands because they can be inaccurate and unreliable, so stick with an established brand like DU/ Mallinckrodt or Chemicals International – both of which offer a wide range to choose from in different weights.


Cost of Powder Measures When measuring powders, it is essential to choose the correct scale. It should have an accurate weight and be easy, so easy-to-keep clean. You can use it regularly without having problems with clogging or jamming up at any time.


The cost of powder measures will vary depending on what kind they are and how much precision/precision ranges within its readings. If there isn’t enough room for accuracy, that could mean sacrificing certain features like resolution (step size).

Ease of Use

Powder scales should be easy, especially if you’re just getting started with powder measuring. When faced with a long list or a problematic design on the packaging, many consumers’ eyes glaze over in frustration. We only offer simple designs for novices to understand so that everyone may enjoy our items without becoming overwhelmed by the number of alternatives.


Consistency is key to getting the most out of your reloading. Using a scale that always gives just what you’re looking for makes things so much easier.


You should also check if this works with powders or not and make sure any durability concerns are addressed before investing in one more expensive than necessary (namely, because they can be costly).

Frequently Asked Questions

How is gunpowder measured?

Answer: You can measure gunpowder by volume and weight. Even you can use a variety of methods for determining the powder charge. Electric scales provide a fast way of getting precise measurements without having to resort. Manual beam-type scale carries around bulkier equipment like dippers full at all times. There are also powder dispenser systems that use air pressure instead for automation purposes because they're small enough and do not require much space but are still efficient with what it needs.

Is the grain indicated on the box for the bullet or powder?

Answer: The numbers on a box of bullets or powder indicate bullet weight but not the load. Bullet weights can range from 35 grains for heavy target loads to 60+ Grains for centerfire rifles. However, 5 grains are considered standard across all powders (there are some exceptions). Therefore, the grain unit system they can measure stands at 1/8th oz avoirdupois - meaning that it's equal to Movie Ounce .44 Mag/.

How to clean the powder measure tube?

Answer: There are a few methods for cleaning the powder measure tube, but you can't beat wiping it down with some dryer lint to get rid of any stuck-on gunk. I also recommend keeping one small paintbrush around and using it when needed to avoid wasting expensive brushes!

What do I do if the powder clings to the hopper?

Answer: Some powders stick to the hopper. But don't worry, it's easy enough to fix. Empty your hopper and wash thoroughly with soap before putting back on again, or else you could ruin some of that beautiful snowfall for yourself (and everyone else).

Final Words

When looking for the best powder measure for reloading, you must find one which will deliver accurate measurements every time. We recommend LEE PRECISION powder measure.

This product has been proven by experts and reviewers alike to be among the easiest on battery life due in part to its brass construction. This scale also helps to dissipation heat when compared against other materials such as plastic or metal Coarse.

The accuracy of these tools can’t go much farther than what we offer here. Its feature more precise readings while others may lack them entirely, making each person’s preference dependent mainly upon personal preference.