How to Use a Squirrel Call and Attract them Easily?

Shooting the squirrels is easy, but most hunters do not make the grade whenever it is time to call them. In this case, what’s more important is to learn to attract the squirrels first before planning to hunt them!

First, you have to learn going to hunting but not hunt at all! Yes, you heard right! We are telling you to take some time, go hunting and invest this time in only calling. Do not shoot; instead, keep repeatedly calling to learn how to use a squirrel call and attract them easily.

And once you know how to do it and when to do it, you can shoot them anywhere! And to help you out, here goes some tips and tricks with the in-depth knowledge of squirrel calls. Please have a look at them.

Meaning of Squirrel Calls


When the squirrels scream, you have to understand that they are excited. And they want to share their excitement with others, so they are screaming. Whenever they see something that hasn’t been seen before, they scream; they also scream in a playful area. Mostly, they don’t scream, seeing the danger.


If you hunt squirrels, you already have seen them barking. Their barking refers to a different meaning. First of all, they bark in contentment. Along with this, they will also bark when they are screaming with excitement. However, at times, when they are in danger, to provide a warning signal, they bark too.


Chatter is the regular chat of the squirrels. They chatter when they are describing their wellbeing. This is very common among the squirrels, hunters already know. This is a symbol that they are mentioning that there is no danger at all.


According to hunters, young squirrels often do a call that describes distress. This is to grab the attention of the other squirrels or make them bark!


When the squirrel breaks a nut with the front teeth, there is a sound, and this is called the Cutting sound. However, keep in mind that this is not vocalized. This is often seen when the crop is abundant. However, if they hear you eating, they can also make this sound! So, be aware!

Types of Squirrel Call

Bellow-Type Squirrel Call

The regular squirrel calls that you find in the market are called the bellow-type calls. These are designed to produce the sound Bark.

As we discussed before, this is a sound of excitement. The Bellow-type squirrel calls will also produce the sound of chatter and distress at times.

Thread-Bolt Squirrel Call

You can also go for cutting calls at times. For these, you will get the cutter constructed with a threaded plastic bolt.

This will help you tell the other squirrels that other squirrels are eating here and there is food! There is a plastic paddle scraper added to the bolt.

However, you can also plan to get your cutting call with different materials. Get a 7-inch thread bolt that is coarse and add a washer with it. With these, you can imitate cutting!

Whistle-Type Squirrel Call

The whistle-type squirrel calls are designed especially for the younger squirrels. These are great for making distress calls.

To catch the attention of the other squirrels, this can be an interesting call too. These are made of small and leafy branches, and you can make your own too.

Compared to the others, whenever it comes to learning how to use a squirrel call and attract them quickly, we talk about whistle-type calls. These are easier to use and more effective in attracting them.

How to use a Squirrel Call and Hunt Proficiently

1. The Location

First, you have to be sure that you are ready to hunt. You are not here to play; instead, you are going to hunt cruelly! And in this case, the location is the key.

You have to search for the right location, and once you get it, you will eventually hunt something, trust us! But, no matter how perfect the place is, you have to hide well.

If you have a proper hunting outfit, it will be easy for you to hide. Also, make sure you have cleaned the area a bit so that you can move comfortably.

2. The Trap

The location is ready, now make a plan and trap them. But to trap them, you need to lay a trap. Check your post once again and search for a location that is in the center.

In this case, it is necessary that the location is not too close or too far from your post. Also, visibility is vital. You cannot pick up a place that is not visible from your post. Now, you have to decorate the trap.

For this, you will need some shrubs along with a bit of fodder. When the squirrels see it, they will move forward to eat. All you need is their attention, my friend!

3. The Use of Squirrel Call

Yes, we agree that if you don’t plan to lay a trap, your squirrel call would have done everything for you. If you want to hunt better, there is no competition for laying a trap and getting your hands on the squirrel call.

And then you can start calling. Follow the different calls we have mentioned above to get them inside your trap!

4. Shoot, Shoot, Shoot!

Wait for them to fall into your trap. Please don’t force them and call them again and again. Instead, wait for them to come along and start eating. When they come to eat, you have to get your gun ready for the shoot.

Once they start eating, point your gun towards them and start hitting. Never lose patience. Also, if you are in a hurry, you are going to miss the target.

Final Verdict

Whenever you are out with a squirrel call, you will not succeed every time. But you cannot be impatient. All you need to do is learn how to use a squirrel call and attract them easily. Go hunting and practice; it will take time to inherit the proper method.

And once you learn it appropriately, you call to set up your trap anywhere, use the squirrel call, attract the squirrels and shoot them easily!


Image from: CBCA